Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Suppressing Fault Code "F2543" in Cisco ACI/APIC (3.1+) with the Cobra SDK

Sometimes in the ACI environment you would like to suppress a fault that either isn't typically suppress-able or one that is hard to find to suppress.

I recently encountered CSCvi72804 which will cause unsuppress-able faults that are auto-generated if you have used a fabric id value other than "1". Apparently, I need mental help and couldn't just let it go so I ended up writing a script to help me suppress these faults. According to TAC, my only other options were to upgrade my ACI fabric to 3.2 or wipe the whole production datacenter and build it with a fabric id value of "1". No thanks for those other options.

This script will put your fault suppression inside the Fabric tab's monitoring policy. If you want it elsewhere, you will need to modify the script to reference/create a "FaultTarget" object that lives under the other type of policy.

The only other things you might need to change if you are attempting to suppress another fault are in the static variable section of the script. These values affect where the GUI will store the fault suppression policies.

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